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The Guadalupe Valley Athletic Conference webpage is designed to help coaches, parents and fans stay informed about middle school sports in the hill country and surrounding areas. We hope that you enjoy your visit and come back soon.  This is the Official G.V.A.C Standings and supersedes any other websites out there. These scores are verified by both schools involved in the game.

Thank You Coaches!

We can not update the site without scores.  Thanks to all coaches who send in scores in a timely manner and are patient with the entire process when other schools do not send in their scores.

How do I use the website?

Click on the individual school district sites that are located at the top of this site. These sites represent the four districts that comprise the Guadalupe Valley Athletic Conference (G.V.A.C). The middle schools in our conference and the associated high schools are:
Smithson Valley High School (Spring Branch MS, Smithson Valley MS),  Canyon High School (Canyon MS, Church Hill MS), New Braunfels (New Braunfels MS, Oak Run MS), Clemens High School (Corbett MS), Steele High School (Dobie MS) and East Central (Legacy MS, Heritage MS).

Individual school websites are located in the menus to the right and contain useful information about academics and athletics. On the top are links to specific sports for boy's and girl's, click on the sport you are interested in to see current scores, standings and schedules.

District Champs (13-14)
District Champs (13-14)
Football 7th A - SVMS
Boy's Tennis 7th - SVMS
Football 7th B - SBMS
Boy's Tennis 8th - SBMS
Football 8th A - SVMS
Girl's Tennis 7th - CORBETT
Football 8th B - DOBIE
Girl's Tennis 8th - CORBETT
Volleyball 7th A - ORM
Mixed Doubles 7th - CORBETT
Volleyball 7th B - SBMS, CMS, CORBETT
Mixed Doubles 8th - CORBETT
Volleyball 8th A - ORM
Boy's Track 7th - CORBETT
Volleyball 8th B - CMS, CORBETT
Boy's Track 8th - CORBETT
Boy's Basketball 7th A - LMS
Girl's Track 7th - DOBIE
Boy's Basketball 7th B - SBMS
Girl's Track 8th - HMS
Boy's Basketball 8th A - LMS
Boy's Golf 7th - NBMS
Boy's Basketball 8th B - HMS
Boy's Golf 8th - ORM
Girl's Basketball 7th A - DOBIE
Girl's Golf 7th - SVMS
Girl's Basketball 7th B - CORBETT
Girl's Golf 8th - SBMS
Girl's Basketball 8th A - HMS
Boys/Girls C.C. 7th - ORM/DOBIE
Girl's Basketball 8th B - DOBIE
Boys/Girls C.C. 8th - SVMS/ORM

Current scores and Updates: Scores are updated and posted as soon as they are received. Contact G.V.A.C Webmaster with news and scores: David Tomasson